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There's power in people.  Join us for a compassionate gathering for meditation every Sunday.

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Zazen Meditation

Cutlivating a practice is key to creating an inner state of contentment.  No experience necessary and everyone is welcome.

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Zen Buddhism

You are meant to live joyfully.  Buddhism is a coming home to your natural state of happiness and wellbeing, so take your journey.

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Rooted in the White Plum Asanga lineage of the Sōtō-shu, the Chester River Sangha (Gyoji-ji 行持寺) comprises people from all walks of life and various religious backgrounds who come together regularly to support and strengthen our Zen Buddhism practice through zazen. Our common purpose is to cultivate wisdom and compassion. 

Our temple name, “Gyoji” means “The circle of the way” and “ji” means temple. Regardless of prior experience, all that wish to explore Zen meditation and Buddhist practice are welcome. Zen Buddhism does not conflict with any religious creed nor supposed belief in any particular doctrine.

"A Journey Is A Person in Itself"... (John Steinbeck)

If you are interested in learning about buddhism, meditation and compassionate living, please contact us.